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The Blue and White Magazine
The Undergraduate Magazine of Columbia University



The Summerland

4 w / 1 m

In retrieving their newly deceased mother from the strange town of Cassadaga, two siblings stumble hesitantly into a séance ceremony . Questions of belief, imagination, science, and family unearth themselves over the course of this muggy and magical Florida night. 

Petite Fleur

2 w / 3 m

As immense pressure threatens to push Hana out of New Orleans, a musician leads her on a winding scavenger hunt down memory lane in hopes to conquer what she's truly running from.  


2 w / 3 m

During a Kingfish Tournament in the 70s, certain members of a close-knit team keep secrets of potentially mythic proportions, dangerously unveiled throughout this bloody, stormy, and...fishy...nautical mystery.


(a black box balm)

 4 w /5 m

Oh, to come of age in a black box. Seven students grasp feverishly at their sense of self through performance art, metaphors, and antagonism of authority.  


3 w / 2 m

A young photographer struggles to piece together the story of her seafaring, romancing, ill-fated uncle who suffers from dementia. The stories that do exist, even the fragments, take on a life of their own, turning man into myth.


3 w

Three women hunker down on Cudjoe Key, FL, just as the eye of Hurricane Irma prepares to make direct landfall. A pelican bursts through the bedroom window and roosts for awhile. As the eye travels over the key, the air turns sour, surreal, and strange...though only one occupant seems to think so. 

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