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Set inside a retro-retrofitted stilted house in the Florida Keys, DOVECOTE is a hurricane play about sisterhood, shelter, and seabirds.

*Presentational reading at the Artificial Enviroments / Environmental Intelligence Festival at the Barnard College Movement Lab, Feb. 2024

I HEAR YOU  (a black box balm)

Oh, to come of age in a black box. Seven students grasp feverishly at their sense of self through performance art, oppressive metaphor, and antagonism of authority.  

*Elif Collective "Elif Bet" Reading Series, Jan. 2024

The Summerland

Two siblings stumble hesitantly into a séance ceremony in Cassadaga. Questions of belief, imagination, science, and family unearth themselves over the course of this muggy and magical night.


The team of a Kingfish Tournament in the 70s uncovers secrets of mythic proportions in this bloody, stormy, and...fishy...aquatic mystery.

Petite Fleur

A street musician and a portrait vendor in New Orleans, Louisiana chase their fears through the French Quarter.  

Dovecote Poster
jan poster draft.heic

art by Sophie Craig


The Blue and White Magazine
The Undergraduate Magazine of Columbia University

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